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2 Perfect Designs

Hörluchs is an In-Ear expert with – unique for Europe – modern 3D printing production facilities. 15 years of experience have made us one of the most innovative headphone producers worldwide. With our In-Ears gamers can hear details within their games which they are not able to hear with other similar products. And these two designs give you everything you need for a unique gaming-experience.

Custom Made In-Ears

If you set your sights on a high degree of accuracy and unmatched, superior comfort, you should choose our custom In-Ears. First, an ear impression is made by a hearing aid acoustician. Custom In-Ears are available in various colours and are made via a 3D printer. All products are made in Germany!


While developing the perfect universal ear moulds our engineers analysed hundreds of ear impressions, the positions of the sound outlet and the seals in the ear canal. The product is designed for an anatomically perfect fit inside the ear. The memory foam domes come in three different sizes, thus ensuring the most secure fit with corresponding seal.

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